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Batdaq – Unusual offer of bets

etdaq is primarily a proposition for people whose main interest is sports betting, the platform of this bookmaker was created mainly for those players who trade courses. The innovation of this place is that in fact the odds of betting meetings are sometimes very high. All because the players themselves set odds and Betdaq gets a minimum percentage of each win. This makes playing on this platform really exciting. Trading in sports betting is the latest and more popular, so Betdaq is enjoying continued popularity among gamers today is the second largest platform of its kind in the Internet. Some rules changed when Betdaq was bought by Landbrokes, a bookmaker with many traditions and has been on the market for a really long time, which is not available for some countries.

What is the offer for us bookmaker?

Betdaq has a really great deal because it focuses not only on sports betting, it also has multiples, casinos, virtuals, sports pools. We will find here a quick summary of the most popular events and disciplines as well as upcoming events. We do not have too many sports disciplines, but the fact is that the odds are several times higher than in traditional bookmakers, it definitely changes the perception of Betdaq. We will find here all the most played disciplines: horse racing, soccer, greyhound racing, golf, cricket, tennis, ice hockey, Rugby Union and Rugby League, American football, basketball, Formula1, baseball, boxing, Australian Rules, mixed martial art, GAA, politics and virtual sports. We will also find here an interesting casino offer where we can play in: table games, new games, slots, Jackpots, casual games, arcade games and virtual sports.

Can we count on promotions?

Each new player can count on a welcome bonus, where a £ 5 deposit is paid for playing the equivalent of £ 25. In addition, the casino offers us £ 30 for a deposit of £ 10. Maybe the promotional offer does not kick your legs, but the smart idea, the momentum and the credibility of the buzzer make up for these deficiencies. As you can see, even a small amount of promotional offers are not able to discourage new users from registering on the platform – here the incentive is not needed.

Starting the game on Betdaq

The procedure to start playing with Betdaq is the same as all other bookmakers. It is necessary to first register a new user, during which is required appropriate information and personal data such as name and surname, country of origin, date of birth, email address and telephone number, through which it will be possible final verification of the data and, above all – the age of the person who is applying for an account. It is also important to deposit a deposit, without which the game can not be started.

Who is the offer for?

Betdaq’s best bet is to use advanced players who know well what’s going on in sports betting and where the excitement and risk is embedded in such difficult bets. Beginners players may not be able to cope or simply lose a lot of money.

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